Homemade Electric Fishing Reel

Before we purchased the Elec-tra Mate reel, Lindsay’s dad built her a homemade electric reel that we used for two or three years. It wasn’t easy but between dad and brother, Quinton, we made a great creation.

We took a Zebco reel with casting lever on bottom and took the reversible lever off and threaded the lever hole. We bought a small electric motor and threaded the shaft of the motor. We had to buy a brass bushing to install in the motor because of too much play in the shaft, which caused vibration. We screwed the motor shaft into the reel hole and installed a small mount that connects with the fishing rod, so the motor wouldn’t turn with the shaft. It worked great except it didn’t have a gear reduction gearbox between the reel and motor so it reeled in faster then we wanted it to. We had to get a motor with enough power to be able to bring in a big fish and small enough to reel the lures in at a slow enough pace. Lindsay caught a lot of nice big fish with this reel. Would probably work better with a different ratio reel or a smaller electric motor. This reel cost around $40.00 to make.

We are actually looking in to building a new design in 2011, I really think we can build these electric reels at a cheap price and possibly distribute in the upcoming years at a reasonable price.